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Softball – August 10th 3:30 pm. all players @ softball field

Volleyball – August 10th & 11th 9:00-11:00 AM all players @ south / east gyms

Boys Tennis – All students should wear their face covering upon arrival, and should come to the tryouts with a large container of water that will last the tryout time period.  A dry towel is also recommended so the racquet doesn't slip in your hand, and a hat to shield the sun from your eyes. 
Monday, 8/10:  All 9th grade students AND students who were not part of the East tennis program last yearl report to the East Tennis courts for tryouts 1:30-3:50.  Returning players report from 4:00-6:30 for tryouts.  At conclusion of each session, the coaches will assign a "group 1" or "group 2" designation for each student to report to the next day as the tryout process continues. 
Tuesday, 8/11:  Group 2 students attend from 1:30-3:50.   Group 1 students attend from 4:00-6:30  
Wednesday, 8/12:  Group 2  2:30-4:30.                              Group 1 4:30-7:00
Thursday, 8/13:  Group 2  2:30-4:30.                           Group 1 4:30-7:00
Friday, 8/14:  To be determined.  

Girls Golf – August 10th 6:30 am. @ Mahoney Golf Course

Boys and Girls Cross Country – August 3rd 8:00 pm. ZOOM - Pre-Season meeting. First day practice August 10th 3:00 pm. in the wrestling room
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Football – Equipment check-out on Friday morning, July 31st.
Srs.and Lettermen @ 9:00, Jrs. @ 9:15, Sophs. @ 9:30 and Fresh. @ 9:45

First week of practice August 10-14, 3:30 @ Stuart Field